Greater Noida woman says govt snatched her chappals to stop farmers' protest. Viral video

A woman protesting in Greater Noida has claimed that the "cops and the government" snatched her sandals so as to stop the ongoing farmers' protests.

Screenshot from video posted on Twitter by Sanjay Desai.
Screenshot from video posted on Twitter by Sanjay Desai.

In the wake of the ongoing farmers' protest at the Delhi border, a woman has claimed that "cops and the government" snatched her sandals so as to halt the protests. Thakur Geeta Bharti is a woman farmer and a part of the group protesting in Greater Noida. Her video from the site of the protest has gone viral on social media.


The woman, who claimed that her sandals were "snatched", identified herself as Thakur Geeta Bharti in the video and said that she is the president of Kisan Ekta Sangh's Mahila Morcha.

Surrounded by women and other members of farmer groups, Geeta Bharti claimed that the government and cops "snatched her sandals" so as to halt the protests.

"I am Thakur Geeta Bharti, President of Kisan Ekta Sangh Women's Wing. The police and the government snatched my sandals thinking that farmers will stop protesting. But, I will fight barefoot. I will file an FIR against them. I managed to buy a pair of sandals somehow. Now, where will I get them from? The government has to return my sandals," Thakur Geeta Bharti said in the video.

The crowd cheered as Thakur Geeta Bharti gesticulated in a loud voice.

Watch the viral video here:


The video has gone viral and social media users laughed out loud over the short clip.


Farmer unions from across India have launched an agitation in protest against the three new farm bills enacted into law by the central government. Thousands of farmers, mostly from Punjab and Haryana, camping at Delhi's borders are seeking the withdrawal of the new farm laws, and legal guarantees for Minimum Support Price (MSP). The farmer leaders have called for a Bharat Bandh on December 8.

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