Red sauce pasta dosa. Photo: Twitter/ RDX

Bizarre: Man makes red sauce pasta dosa in viral video

A video of a man making a red sauce pasta dosa has gone viral on the internet and it is making people angry.

Rashi memes go viral. Photo: Twitter

Rashi trend online after Kokilaben's rap song goes viral

Twitterati flooded the internet with rib-tickling memes on Rashi after Kokilaben's rap song became viral.

Watch: Zebra gets in a fight with lioness to save its friend

A video of a zebra trying to save its friend from a lioness has gone viral.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi feeds peacocks in new video

In a new video, shared on the official Instagram account of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, he can be seen feeding peacocks.

Watch: Baby pigs try to save fish in viral video

A video of a group of baby pigs trying to save a fish has gone viral on the internet and is making netizens go aww.

Man from Saudi Arabia jumps on whale and goes for a ride

Video of a Saudi man jumping on a whale and taking a ride on it in the Red Sea has gone viral on the internet.

Mahatma Gandhi's glasses auctioned for 260,000 pounds

A pair of Mahatma Gandhi's iconic glasses were auctioned for a price of Rs 2.5 crore in the United Kingdom.

Smriti Irani shares virtual tour video of Siddhivinayak Temple

Smriti Irani recently shared a virtual tour video of the Siddhivinayak Temple with her followers on Instagram.

Albino baby kangaroo goes missing from German zoo

Few weeks old albino baby kangaroo is missing from a zoo in Germany. Authorities feel that the baby has been stolen.

Video of spider sitting on the snake it caught goes viral

A video of a spider sitting on the snake it killed has gone viral on the internet.

Double rainbow brightens up Delhi-NCR sky. Best pics and videos

People of Delhi-NCR witnessed two rainbows today and shared beautiful images on the internet.

UK Cop gets stuck in handcuffs during training

A UK cop got stuck in handcuffs while demonstrating how to use them to new recruits.


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