Woman discovers a snake with two heads inside her house

Jeannie Wilson of North Carolina recently found a two-headed snake in her house. The internet is scared.

Arathi Reghunath completed 350 online courses. Photo: Facebook/ Arathi Reghunath

Woman completes 350 courses in 3 months

Arathi Reghunath, a second-year MSc Biochemistry student of MES College, completed 350 online courses in the last three months. The girl made a world record at the Universal Record Forum.

Picture shared by ANI on Twitter

10-year-old boy dresses up as Mahatma Gandhi to get Covid-19 test

A 10-year-old boy dressed up as Mahatma Gandhi to get his Covid-19 tests done.

People stand in a long queue outside biryani restaurant

A video of people standing in an extremely long queue outside a biryani restaurant in Bangalore has surfaced on the internet.

Trump and Biden’s US Presidential debate gets reactions from Tweeple

The first presidential debate between Donald Trump and democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden got hilarious reactions from Tweeple.

Woman applies turmeric on bride with paint roller

A video of a woman applying turmeric on bride with a paint roller has surfaced on the internet.

Meet Mumbai's Rockstar Dancer Dadi, 62: Diljit, Terence in love with her viral videos

62-year-old Ravi Bala Sharma is getting love from many people as well as celebrities as she is following her passion for dance at this age.

McDonald's employee pays for customer's meal

A McDonald's employee started making headlines after a video of her paying for a customer's meal surfaced on the internet.

Python rescued after swallowing large prey in UP

A video of a python that had swallowed a large prey in UP getting rescued recently surfaced online.

Tweeple angry with Chai Latte with maple syrup video

A video of a recipe of Chai Latte is going viral and it has angered netizens.

Saudi Arabia gets its first dog cafe, delights pet lovers

Saudi Arabia is getting its first dog cafe in the coastal city of Khobar, where pet owners can enjoy with their puppers.

Google Doodle celebrates Zohra Segal with special illustration

Google recently shared an adorable doodle to celebrate Zohra Segal. It was on this day, her film Neecha Nagar was awarded one of the highest honours at the Cannes Film Festival in 1946.


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