Heres How to Save Your WhatsApp Account From being Hacked

A security flaw in WhatsApp can let cybercriminals suspend the account of any user using just their phone number. The biggest issue with this new vulnerability is that it doesn’t need the third person to be a trained hacker. Change these WhatsApp settings in your phone right now, to ensure your account is not suspended due to this WhatsApp flaw.

Top News | 16th April 21

Mysuru Public Library Burnt Down; Internet Raises Money to Rebuild

After miscreants burnt down the library set up by a daily wage worker, Syed Issaq, in Karnataka’s Mysuru, a fundraiser has been started with the goal of raising money and helping him rebuild the library. The daily wage worker had set up a library in Rajiv Nager, near the Ammar Masjid in Mysuru, with the intention to encourage people to inculcate the habit of reading. On a daily basis, around 100-150 people would visit this library. Since 2011, Isaaq had managed to increase his collection of books, primarily in Kannada, to around 11,000. Watch to know more.

Top News | 16th April 21

NFTs: What You Need To Know About Buying Selling Digital Art

On World Art Day we will tell you everything about the new craze of the Internet that is NFT. NFTS are non-fungible tokens. They are basically non-tangible just like cryptocurrency. They can be sold & bought like any other piece of property but you can't exchange them like money. Watch to find out more.

Top News | 16th April 21

IPL 2021: How Well Do We Know Indian Premier League?

Do you know which team has lifted the IPL trophy most no. of the time? Who is the highest scorer of IPL till now? Well, if you don't then watch this video.

Top News | 15th April 21

Youth Rendition The Beatles’ Track To Stop People From Spitting

Have you heard about the #StopIndiaSpitting movement? Activists are finding interesting ways to put it on everyone's radar. Watch this remix of the Beatles track created by artists from Bangalore.

Top News | 15th April 21

CBSE 2021: Students React To News Of Board Exams Cancelled

Due to the surge in COVID-19 cases across India, the Govt. has cancelled CBSE Class 10 board exams and postponed Class 12 exams. While concerns on how the students would be evaluated remain, watch them celebrate the announcement with reels.

Top News | 15th April 21

COVID19 Deaths: Fareed Zakaria Gives Ode To His Mother

Fatma Zakaria, former journalist and renowned educationist, passed away last week from COVID-19-related complications in India. Her son, the Indian-American journalist Fareed Zakaria, bid a heartfelt goodbye to her on-air of his CNN show. Watch here.

Top News | 15th April 21

Two Held For Killing Transgender Activist Ekta Joshi

In a spine-chilling incident, 40-year-old transwoman Ekta Joshi was shot thrice and murdered outside her house in East Delhi. Now, nearly seven months after the murder, Delhi Police Special Cell has arrested two contract killers in connection with the crime. Wanted in the shootout case, 33-year-old Gagan Pandit and 19-year-old Varun were allegedly given Rs 55 lakh to kill the victim. But who was Ekta Joshi? Watch and find out.

Top News | 15th April 21