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  • PM Narendra Modi retains the people's confidence and their vote despite Covid, negative economic growth and Chinese aggression. His party's right-wing agenda is also finding increasing public support.
Feb 01, 2021
Next issue out on Feb 08, 2021
Feb 01, 2021
Next issue out on Feb 08, 2021

Whatsapp-Facebook Data Sharing: Who Got My Data?

In the new privacy policy, WhatsApp removed a passage on allowing users to opt out of sharing certain data with Facebook, its parent firm. This 'take-it-or-leave-it' policy led to massive outrage against WhatsApp for being cavalier with its users' privacy.

The Power of Nine | West Bengal Election

Barely months from now, TMC's performance in these very districts will be critical in determining Mamata Banerjee's fate in a 'do or die' electoral battle against the BJP.

The Return of Sasikala

Prospects of a rapprochement between the AIADMK and the AMMK are volatile. There is also disquiet inside the AIADMK about Sasikala's ability to swing the cadre.


Here is this week's glasshouse.

Ranveer Singh's hip-hope label wants to change the music we hear

Ranveer Singh's hip-hop label, IncInk, wants to change the world we live in

Song Machine

Musician Sidd Coutto on his ambitious plan to release 12 EPs in 2021.

More Roar Than Soar

Netflix's The White Tiger tells a gripping tale. The problem is it does so largely in English.

Rebel Girl: Q + A with Richa Chadha

In Madam Chief Minister, now playing in theatres, Richa Chadha's character challenges norms, much like the actor herself

From the Editor-in-Chief

India Today Editor-in-Chief Aroon Purie talks about the Mood of the Nation Poll which shows that Prime Minister Narendra Modi retains his popularity despite the multiple crises before him.

Mood of the Nation poll: How did the government handle the economy?

Covid-19 and the lockdowns may have left deep and lasting scars on the economy, but the MOTN respondents repose their faith in the government and are convinced it will successfully steer them out of the present crisis.

Mood of the Nation poll: What India thinks of US President Joe Biden

MOTN respondents view the new US president as good for India. But will Joe Biden remain proactive on New Delhi's border challenge from Beijing?

Mood of the Nation poll: Indians on farm laws

With neither the farmers nor the government refusing to blink, the agri reform agenda remains unfulfilled.

Mood of the Nation poll: What do Indians think of Congress?

More than half the respondents believe it's time the Congress explored alternative leadership; Arvind Kejriwal emerges strongest among non-BJP, non-Congress leaders.

Mood of the Nation poll: India's best chief ministers

Uttar Pradesh chief minister Yogi Adityanath emerges on top among CMs for the fourth time in a row, reflecting his unrivalled position as a champion of Hindu majoritarian discourse

Mood of the Nation poll: What do Indians think of the government's handling of the pandemic?

The Modi government's handling of the pandemic gets broad endorsement. Respondents' confidence in the Covid vaccination programme also runs high.

Mood of the Nation poll: On social issues

Corruption, safety of women and law & order remain prime concerns for MOTN respondents. Opinion is divided on the state of Indian democracy, and differs along religious lines on 'love jihad' laws.

Mood of the Nation poll: Who are the stars of cinema and OTT?

Old is the gold standard when it comes to films, but OTT stars are gaining viewers' attention, as our MOTN survey attests.