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India's Covid tests among cheapest globally, yet will burn a hole in your pocket?

India Today Data Intelligence Unit (DIU) analyses RT-PCR charges by private labs across the world and found that though in monetary terms, it is one of the lowest in India, but as a proportion to people's income, it is not.?

Tale of two states: How Bihar and UP's pandemic paths have diverged

By ramping up Covid-19 testing in the state, Bihar has flattened the curve for now, while UP has not shown signs of improvement yet.


India's Covid tests drop, but positivity rate rises

India has been reporting lower daily cases for almost a week, but this could be because of a dip in testing too. The pandemic is still worrisome as the Test Positivity Rate (TPR) continues to be high.

Recoveries rise, new cases dip, but has India crossed its Covid-19 peak?

India’s recovery rate of more than 81 per cent is one of the highest in the world. Over the past few days, recoveries have been surpassing new cases of coronavirus, prompting experts to suggest that the worst might finally be over.?

Farmers' protest: How MSP changed in UPA, NDA regimes over the years

MSP data of the last 10 years shows successive governments have been hesitant to increase guaranteed prices on which they buy produce from farmers through various agencies. But due to the ongoing protests, the government increased MSP for six rabi crops immediately.

India is no superpower in Cyberspace, claims Harvard report

Cyber power is slowly becoming the new value addition to a country's strength. We have been witnessing increased cases of espionage, cyber warfare, bot attacks and strong surveillance systems to monitor people. Given that India's border tensions with China have soured in recent times, how much power does India hold in cyberspace?

Covid-19 in South Asia: Have India’s neighbours managed the pandemic better?

Proportionate to their populations, India's neighbours seem to have managed the coronavirus pandemic much better than it.

Why onion prices are bringing tears to the eyes

A supply shortage has led onion prices to soar 177 per cent in the last six months despite higher production this year.

How Bihar churned out such impressive Covid numbers

Bihar registered impressive figures in its fight against coronavirus. At present, its recovery rate is 91 per cent, which is the highest among bigger states.

Pandemic effect: Housing sales hit, decline almost 52% in top 8 cities

The housing sector was in bad shape before the the Covid-19 pandemic, which has only added to the troubles of the wounded industry, and its revival is only possible with an economic recovery.

Six months into Covid-19 and one million cases: Is Maharashtra testing enough?

India Today's Data Intelligence Unit (DIU) analysed the Covid-19 test positivity rate of Maharashtra and found that despite being deep in the pandemic for the last six months, the state still lacks testing.

Is 2020 the?worst?year?for civilisation? Here’s what historians say??

Many are convinced 2020 is a cursed?year, the?worst?in the history of human civilisation. But is it really so? India Today Data Intelligence Unit (DIU) went back in time in search of the answer.??


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